A 6-week, self-guided and coaching-led experiment, to explore and rethink your relationship with alcohol.

Reveal and understand your beliefs, thoughts and emotions around alcohol 

Challenge the beliefs and motivations around alcohol that aren't serving you, and build healthier habits 

Give yourself the gift of a coaching-led, mindful break from alcohol to help reset your body and improve your sleep

Reduce tiredness and exhaustion

Reduce stress and anxiety

Make alcohol so small and irrelevant that you can take it or leave it. 

The structure of the RETHINK experiment 

Week 1

Daily videos to get you into the mindset for the experiment and open to challenge, to ensure you get the best out of the 30-day break

Weeks 2 - 5 

A 30-day break from alcohol, with daily videos to challenge your beliefs, arm you with insight and equip you with knowledge and tools 

Week 6

Daily videos to help you set intentions and establish the terms for an ongoing relationship with alcohol where you are in control

Let me explain the programme

Here's a quick overview of  RETHINK, what you'll receive and what you'll get out of it 


Here's a taster of the daily content

A cheeky little look at the kind of daily videos you'll be working through. The first is from the 'RESET' section, so it's all about the spirit of the programme. And the second is an example from the main RETHINK section  


Here's what you get when you purchase 

Immediate and permanent access to the full RETHINK experiment - over 40 daily coaching videos.

A RETHINK Companion Journal & Workbook to download, full of worksheets and exercises to enhance your learning 

The results speak for themselves

"I trialled this course for Anna, as she was developing it - and feel really fortunate to have done. With a well-balanced structure, progress was extraordinarily straight-forward. I have addressed my reflex to drink, my poor sleep and my constant feelings of anxiety"

"Anna's coaching has truly been a game-changer in my journey of questioning my relationship with alcohol.¬†I had been trying for many months on my own, but kept feeling stuck.¬†It's part of my life now, but no longer a big player and I have Anna to thank for that‚Ä̬†¬†

Frequently Asked Questions 

No Questions?

You can buy the RETHINK programme for just £199

(which is likely way less than you'd spend on alcohol in the same 6 week period)