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Are you curious to explore what you can achieve when you're fully in control?

To enhance personal and professional growth,
 I coach where lives and careers are being shrunk by limiting beliefs and behaviours 

You can create the change you want,
by reshaping the way you think

That's the power of coaching

Where beliefs and thoughts can be reshaped 

  • get to understand the beliefs that drive your behaviour
  • learn how to reshape them and create new ones
  • develop personal insight that will serve you in every aspect of your life
  • build a level of self-belief that will put you firmly in control  
  • create a life you love and don't want to escape from
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For me, it was my beliefs around alcohol

I believed alcohol made me more happy, relaxed,
fun, sociable, insightful and creative.

But it came to dominate my thoughts, steal my time, sap my energy and make me small.

  • My social life revolved entirely around booze
  • “Just the one” always became several more
  • I engaged less with the world around me
  • I became less interested. Less interesting
  • I was less stimulated. Less stimulating
  • I was hungover or knackered all of the time 
  • Keeping up appearances was exhausting
  • My confidence tanked as I lost control
  • Life itself became a joyless, uphill battle

If that sounds like you, take heart.

Together we can make alcohol a small and insignificant part of your life. 

If you suspect that life would be better if less alcohol was involved, but have no idea how to navigate a world where it seems inescapable, I can help you find your way. I can help remove the hold alcohol has on you, without you feeling deprived. Then you are in control to either moderate or give up completely.

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"It's not how good you are,
it's how good you want to be"

Paul Arden - Author & ex-Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi

"The question is not whether you think your habit is bad enough. The question to ask yourself is whether your life is good enough"  

Annie Grace - Author of 'This Naked Mind. Control Alcohol'