The Big Drink Rethink - what it's all about


Why do we love to drink?
What does it do for us, and what does it do to us?
Is drinking a habit or an addiction?
A friend or a foe?
Is alcohol making your life bettter or worse?

So many questions!

Let's explore the answers.
Let's call time on 'unthinking' drinking.
Let's make drinking an informed choice.
Let's get smart and question whether drinking is making us happy. 
Let's all have a BIG DRINK RETHINK!

Free Resources 

Head here to find free tools, tip, exercises and worksheets to get curious and begin your own big drink rethink. 

Fill your boots with the knowledge and personal insight to answer your own questions and make your own individual choices

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The  podcast 

The show explores drinking culture, looking at how its shifting and talking to the people helping to shape it.

With my trademark non-judgement that defines me as an Alcohol Mindset Coach, we look at drinking from all angles and perspectives

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A coaching-led Rethink 

A 6-week, coaching-led programme to explore and rethink your relationship with alcohol.

I will hold your hand throughout 40+ bite-sized coaching sessions, that will provide you with incredible  insight and self-awareness 

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