Hi I'm Anna

I'm a high-achiever who fell foul of alcohol but found my way back.
 A certified Alcohol Mindset Coach, who can help you do the same.


I've been there. I get it. It's personal

I've worked in the advertising industry for over 25 years, ultimately as the Strategy Director for an integrated creative & media agency. Skilled in growing businesses and brands, I am also passionate about helping grow people. As a qualified Life Coach, I'm combining my strategic skills with life experiences, to help people ‘stuck’ in alcohol beliefs and behaviours that aren’t serving them.
It’s a personal calling because my own drinking got out of control, with a constant cycle of drinking, failed moderation and self-loathing leaving me exhausted. How could I be successful in other aspects of life, but feel such a failure in this one? Internal conflict dominated my headspace, stole my time and sapped my energy. Yes, I have had a great career, but I wonder how much more I might have achieved, and how more I could have contributed, if I had just stayed ‘me’. If I'd used that energy in more productive ways and built my own natural resilience.

Using the approach I now coach, I have made alcohol small and insignificant in my life. So much so, that I choose not to drink at all. Personally and professionally, the passion and drive that I knew in my 20’s and 30’s has re-emerged to energise my 50’s. I realise that alcohol literally diminished me and by beating its grip, I feel powerful and capable of anything.

Quite simply, by changing my beliefs I changed my life and I can help you find the same feeling of empowerment and control. Preventing you wasting time and opportunity. Equipping you with the strategies to explore your true potential and reach new heights.