The missing piece of the Wellness agenda


Wellness Talk 

Whether it's a 'Lunch & Learn', a 'Tea & Talk' or whether it's taking my place within a broader wellness forum, I share deeply personal alcohol insights, common misbeliefs, science, warning signs, tips and tactics

Beliefs Series 

Taking the most common reasons why we drink, I demonstrate why alcohol is NOT the answer - and empower people with tools that are. A 5-part series that covers Alcohol & Stress, Alcohol & Depression, Alcohol & Sleep, Alcohol & Social Life, and Alcohol, Loneliness & Boredom

1:1 Coaching support

As an accredited Alcohol Mindset Coach, I work in depth with individuals to make alcohol small and irrelevant. My lived experience and compassionate,  coaching presents a completely different avenue and option to the more stigmatised AA or far less personal health insurance helplines.