Let's start the conversation that no one is having 

Together we can shoo the elephant out of the room and confront the last wellness taboo. Alcohol has the ability to  undermine all everything else that we do in the name of health and wellness.

(90 seconds)
The Last Wellness Taboo
(25 minutes)

Wellness Talk 

Whether it's a 'Lunch & Learn', a 'Tea & Talk' or whether it's taking my place within a broader wellness forum, I share deeply personal alcohol insights, common misbeliefs, science, warning signs, tips and tactics

Beliefs Series 

Taking the most common reasons why we drink, I demonstrate why alcohol is NOT the answer - and empower people with tools that are. A 5-part series that covers Alcohol & Stress, Alcohol & Depression, Alcohol & Sleep, Alcohol & Social Life, and Alcohol, Loneliness & Boredom

1:1 Coaching support

As an accredited Alcohol Mindset Coach, I work in depth with individuals to make alcohol small and irrelevant. My lived experience and compassionate,  coaching presents a completely different avenue and option to the more stigmatised AA or far less personal health insurance helplines.