Why less is more: fresh perspectives from Adrian Chiles

abstinence adrian chiles alcohol cutting back drinking culture mindful drinking mindfulness moderation Feb 07, 2024

Why less is more

In this episode of The Big Drink Rethink, I had a great chat with Adrian Chiles about mindful drinking. We talked about how we can change our relationship with alcohol to live better lives. You can listen to our conversation through the button below.

Adrian's Journey to Drinking Less

Adrian shared his journey of realising he was drinking too much and deciding to cut back. He refused to believe that he needed to quit entirely; instead, he focused on moderating his drinking habits. This shift made a big difference in his life and shows that significant change is possible, even for very heavy drinkers. 


Looking at Drinking Differently

Adrian made a good point: abstinence isn't the only answer to drinking problems. He suggested that instead of quitting altogether, we should think about what kind of drinker we want to be and find a balance that works for us individually. This idea challenges the usual thinking about alcohol and encourages us to find our own way.

Seeing Through Alcohol Ads

We also talked about how alcohol ads often make drinking look fun and glamorous, but the reality is often different. Adrian reminded us to question these images and think critically about how they affect our views on drinking.

Drinking with Awareness

Adrian talked about how having too many drinks often doesn't make us any happier. By being mindful about why we're drinking and how it makes us feel, we can enjoy it more and avoid drinking just for the sake of it.

Changing Drinking Culture

We discussed how societal norms can influence our drinking habits without us even realising it. Adrian suggested we challenge these norms and aim for a healthier drinking culture where moderation is valued.

Tips for Changing Your Drinking Habits

Adrian shared some practical tips for cutting down on drinking, like setting achievable goals and taking small steps. These strategies can help anyone who wants to drink more mindfully.

I hope you'll take some time to think about what Adrian shared in The Big Drink Rethink. Maybe it will inspire you to rethink your own relationship with alcohol and make changes for the better. Here's to drinking more consciously and living our best lives. Cheers!

To learn more about my journey and find resources for changing your relationship with alcohol, visit thebeliefscoach.com

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