Why alcohol-free spirits are good value - with Howard Davies

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Why alcohol-free spirits are good value - with Howard Davies

As a host of the "Big Drink Rethink" podcast, I had the pleasure of delving into the world of non-alcoholic spirits with the insightful and passionate Howard Davies, the co-founder of Salcombe Distilling Company. Our episode is an eye-opener for those curious about the trend of non-alcoholic drinks, and I'm excited to share some key takeaways from our conversation.

The rise of non-alcoholic spirits: exploring new frontiers

In this episode, Howard and I discuss the evolving trend of alternating  non-alcoholic drinks with alcoholic ones. This practice encourages a new and refreshing approach to drinking, allowing people to slow down, with a delicious non-alcoholic alternative in hand. Our chat highlights the importance of challenging assumptions and embracing new flavours, encouraging listeners to explore alternatives to alcoholic beverages.

Overcoming preconceived notions

One of the key hurdles in embracing non-alcoholic spirits is the scepticism surrounding their taste. Howard and I discuss the importance of sampling and experiencing non-alcoholic drinks firsthand to overcome these doubts. We discussed how alcohol-free drinks can provide a longer-lasting and value-for-money drinking experience, addressing the misconception that non-alcoholic alternatives lack complexity or appeal.

Shifting perspectives on drinking

We also discuss the idea that non-alcoholic drinks do not lead to the same urge for subsequent drinks in the evening as alcoholic beverages do. This perspective supports efforts to moderate  and the potential for non-alcoholic drinks to offer a more fulfilling and intentional drinking experience.

A glimpse into Salcombe Distilling Company

A visit to Salcombe Distilling Company, offers  a transparent view of the distillation process and a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Howard's emphasis on their values of quality, attention to detail, passion, and integrity truly shines through in their products. In our conversation, Howard shares an insight into the meticulous process of creating non-alcoholic spirits at Salcombe Distilling Company. The use of a vacuum ‘still’ to extract alcohol and preserve flavours for their nonalcoholic spirits, such as Aegean Sky, First Light and Midnight Sun, demonstrates their commitment to preserving the integrity and authenticity of their products.

A shift in consumer behaviour

Our episode highlights the growing market and cultural change in consumer behaviour towards non-alcoholic drinks, with an increasing interest and sales of low or non-alcoholic beverages. This shift is reshaping the landscape of bars, restaurants, and supermarkets, with these new drinks gaining acknowledgment and acceptance in diverse settings.

We also predict the future growth and development of non-alcoholic spirits and wines, hinting at the promising avenues that lie ahead for this innovative and evolving industry.

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