Toolkit 101: Taking charge

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Taking Charge – A step towards empowerment

Here’s a recap of the latest episode of The Big Drink Rethink where I share some questions and exercises to help you consider what is really important to you and your life. I explore some tools around taking control over our drinking choices, our habits, and ultimately, our lives. 

Commit to doing less and being more

One of the most challenging yet liberating commitments we can make to ourselves is the promise to do less. It's a foreign concept, especially for those of us who are high bar-setting perfectionists. I've seen friends, family, and myself getting caught in this whirlpool of over-commitment. It’s time to question whether you are creating undue stress for yourself. Doing less isn’t about sacrificing your dreams. It's about focusing on what truly matters, agreeing to do less to achieve what you desire, and beating yourself up less when you're anything less than perfect. 

Reflection as a tool for growth

When was the last time you sat down to truly reflect on your life? It's not indulgent introspection; it's a powerful tool. In this episode I discuss the importance of looking inside ourselves and asking tough questions. Have you harboured resentment towards others, and what does that say about your expectations of them and yourself? We can only manage what we acknowledge, and that includes our negative feelings. It's okay not to be okay, and putting on a facade of eternal happiness does us no favours. So let’s move past the pressure to appear happy and positive—growth thrives in authenticity.

Plotting your ‘Wheel of Life’

I introduce an exercise that's close to my heart—the "Wheel of Life." It’s a simple yet profound method to score our satisfaction across life's numerous domains: personal growth, career, health and other areas. By giving a score out of 10 to each element, you create a bird's-eye view of your well-being, helping you assess what's thriving and what requires nurturing. Go to the podcast resources page on my website (, download the exercise and be honest with your assessment!

Envisioning your ideal life

What does a "10 out of 10" look like for you? Your ideal life? What's exciting about this exercise is not just dreaming up the ideal but critically looking at what is standing in your way. Often, we don’t realise the subtle ways in which alcohol consumption can cloud our potential. By challenging its role in our lives, we may just uncover a path to a 10 out of 10.

The power of commitment and a trial mindset

Marvellous transformations don't occur overnight. It takes four C's—commitment, courage, capability, and confidence. As we explore the impact of alcohol, it's vital to approach changes with a trial mindset. Test the waters, reduce your intake, and witness the unexpected benefits that ripple through various aspects of your life. Remember, it’s the small steps that can lead to great results.

Beyond the bottle

Finally, let's remember that alcohol, often touted as a stress-reliever, ultimately disrupts our body's equilibrium. I  share empowering alternatives to booze, like exercise, meditation, and stress reduction techniques. Perfectionism may compel control, but it's in letting go and re-evaluating our expectations that we can truly reduce anxiety and stress.

Join the growing number getting onboard with The Big Drink Rethink, as we continue to delve into the topics that redefine our relationship with alcohol. Remember, taking charge isn’t about grasping the reins tighter; it's about directing your life’s course with intention and compassion. 

Along with our free exercises, I’m offering a 6-week coaching programme for anyone looking to dive deeper into reframing their drinking. All can be found on my website on the podcast resources page

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