Toolkit 101: Overcoming the fear of change

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Embrace the Opportunity: Overcoming the fear of change

In a recent toolkit episode of The Big Drink Rethink podcast, I looked at the profound journey of overcoming the fear of change, particularly in the context of re-evaluating our relationship with alcohol. Listen in to that episode to explore some great transformative strategies to embrace a healthier, alcohol-free future.


Challenging assumptions: Rethinking drinking

The challenges of changing our identity when alcohol has become intertwined with our sense of self, can’t be understated. And this was in fact the subject of an entire previous episode as I chatted with Dave Wilson (aka Sober Dave) about his personal journey. However, the key lies in reframing this change as an opportunity rather than a threat. By challenging our assumptions about drinking, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities beyond our current perceptions. In essence, changing our identity can be an opportunity to be who we want to be, not a threat to who we are.


Embracing an experimental mindset

Adopting an experimental mindset is a fantastic way to help overcome the fear—an open-minded ‘I’m going to try this on for size’  willingness to explore new ways of living and being. Instead of fixating on the perceived losses of sobriety, we can focus on the gains, viewing the process of change as an exciting experiment rather than a daunting task. This shift in perspective can minimize the magnitude of change and make the journey towards controlling alcohol / sobriety feel more manageable and less overwhelming.


Crafting a vision: Mapping out change

Another crucial step in overcoming the fear of change is envisioning the person we aspire to become. It helps enormously to create a list of the characteristics you wish to change and leave behind, along with a list of the characteristics for the person you want to be. We can all do this. By clarifying our goals and aspirations, we can gain the motivation and direction needed to navigate the transformative journey ahead. Focusing on the gains of sobriety is an important exercise to motivate ourselves to change, because we run from pain to wards pleasure. So having that appealing and alluring image of the future ‘me’ is powerful beyond belief.


Visualising future outcomes: Weighing the options

I wrap up the toolkit episode with a powerful exercise that invites you to visualise the potential future outcomes of your choices. By comparing the trajectory of continuing to drink versus committing to change, we can gain insight into the consequences of our actions and reaffirm our decision to pursue sobriety. The exercise serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of choice and the potential for a brighter future.


Conclusion: Embracing change for a brighter tomorrow

In conclusion, overcoming the fear of change requires courage, resilience, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. By embracing the opportunity to redefine our relationship with alcohol, adopting an experimental mindset, and envisioning our future selves, we pave the way for a healthier, more fulfilling future. The Big Drink Rethink is all about embarking on this transformative journey together, empowered by the belief that change is not a threat to who we are but an opportunity to become who we truly want to be.

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