Toolbox 101: Mindful drinking basics

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Let's talk about mindful drinking 

In this week's episode of The Big Drink Rethink, I'm diving into the basics of mindful drinking and how to kickstart your own mindful drinking journey. Join me on the podcast for practical tips and strategies to rethink how you relate to alcohol.

Understanding mindful drinking 

So, what exactly is mindful drinking? It's about being intentional and aware of our alcohol habits. Instead of just going through the motions, it's about knowing why, what, and how much we drink. By paying attention to our drinking patterns, we can start making positive changes for a healthier relationship with alcohol. Mindful drinking isn't about giving up alcohol altogether; it's about being thoughtful and considering our well-being while we drink.

Different types of drinkers and their motivations

We all have different reasons for drinking. Whether it's to socialise, fit in, or seek excitement, our motivations vary. Understanding why we drink can help us be more mindful of our alcohol intake. In this episode I look at the common 'types' of drinker and the jobs they give alcohol to do. Whether it's to spice up life or cope with stress, each motivation affects how and why we drink. Identifying our main motivation can help us make smarter choices about when and how much we drink, plus we can acknowledge when we have fallen into more risky drinking patterns.

Recognizing the impact of alcohol

Alcohol can have a big impact on our lives, from making us feel invincible to the dangers of binge drinking. It's important to understand how alcohol affects us physically and mentally. Over time, it can lead to injury, addiction, and a diminished ability to experience joy. By acknowledging these effects, we can approach drinking more mindfully and strive for a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Practical tip for mindful drinking

Start by understanding what type of drinker you are and how much you drink. This means understanding alcohol units and standard drink sizes. Knowing how much you're actually consuming can help you make better decisions about drinking. And remember, change doesn't have to happen overnight. Small adjustments, like pacing yourself and cutting out drinks that don't add value, can make a big difference.

In the end, mindful drinking is about making conscious choices about our relationship with alcohol. Whether it's savouring drinks that bring you joy or cutting back on those that don't, less can truly be more.

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