The Big Drink Rethink ...... What it's all about

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Rethinking Your Relationship with Alcohol:
Opening the Door to Change

Our alcohol culture is shifting, and my brand new podcast The Big Drink Rethink  sets out to fuel the change, encourage new perspectives and invite listeners to consider the role that alcohol plays in their lives. 

Personal Struggles and Societal Stigma

In this first episode - ‘What the Big Drink Rethink is all about’, I talk about my personal struggles with alcohol and discuss my experiences navigating the societal stigma associated with addiction. By highlighting the shame and self-judgment that stopped me from seeking help, I hope listeners will rethink their views and response to people who are struggling with addiction.

I share the negative impact that excessive drinking had on my mental and physical well-being, as well as its repercussions on my family and aspirations. It’s an honest look at the complexities of alcohol use and the number of ways in which it affects our lives.

Shades of Grey

This episode encourages us to move beyond the conventional black-and -white labels of "normal drinkers" and "alcoholics”. Instead, I encourage that we consider that any relationship with alcohol sits upon ‘a spectrum’. Between the white and the black, there are many shades of grey, that represent a much more accurate and realistic view of the relationship individuals have with alcohol - and the degree to which it impacts their lives.

Care and Support

In the episode, I also call for a re-evaluation of the support systems available to those struggling with alcohol. I suggest that existing approaches are a lifeline to many people, but a barrier to many others. As a society, we need to foster many more compassionate and supportive environments (especially in the workplace) for those navigating their relationship with alcohol.

Informed and Personal Choices

The Big Drink Rethink underscores the significance of making informed and personal decisions about alcohol consumption. It encourages and empowers listeners to become much more mindful of their drinking, asking whether they are truly at peace with it and to then make conscious, independent choices aligned with their well-being and happiness. To ask the all-important question as to how alcohol fits with them living the authentic life that they want. 

Initiating a Crucial Conversation

I hope this new podcast serves as a catalyst for vital conversations about alcohol and its impact on individuals and society. I want it to be a platform to initiate dialogue about the changing drinking culture. Encouraging individuals to reflect on their own beliefs and attitudes towards alcohol, such that they become active in further shaping this culture in the future. 

To learn more about my journey and tap into the resources mentioned throughout the series, head to Or to listen to the podcast, follow the link below.

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