The Big Drink Rethink podcast sponsors 'Buckled', by Helen Jeffery

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Exploring a world that revolves around drink

I am really proud that The Big Drink Rethink podcast is sponsoring Helen Jeffery's new play 'Buckled', that explores what its like being sober in a world that revolves around drink.

Inspiration for the play
Helen, 49 and from Liverpool, is herself three years sober and has written 'Buckled' to explore family, friendship and alcohol. It's based on her personal experience of navigating sobriety and the three central characters. although all connected, have very different relationships with booze. She feels that each character is very recognisable, and most people will be able to associate and identify with them.

They are Maggie (played by Jackie Jones) who is six months sober, her son Callum (played by David Rimmer) and his mate Ruby (played by Samantha Alton). Callum is due to be married and is wondering whether he should be inviting his mum to the wedding, meanwhile Ruby is blind to his concerns, as her own drinking is spiralling out of control.

'Buckled' explores several key themes around alcohol, not least the way in which drinking is so baked-in and embedded into British culture. "It's socially acceptable to drink in a way that, using other substances isn't" Helen commented in a recent interview. "In fact, from my experience, you have to justify why you're not drinking, rather than explain why you are" she observes.

As someone with p
ersonal experience of changing their relationship with alcohol, Helen wanted to write a play which asks the question: 'How do you navigate sobriety in a world which revolves around drink? What she has created is a multi-dimensional and fresh perspective on drinking and drinking 'problems' in today's society. 

The play runs from March 21 to 23 at the new Shakespeare North Playhouse (SNP), in Prescot. You can buy tickets for the show here:

Buckled' will also be at the Unity Theatre in Hope Street on May 3. 


Alignment with The Big Drink Rethink

As soon as I heard about the play, I knew that I wanted The Big Drink Rethink to be involved and be supportive. The conversations that Helen raises through 'Buckled' are wholly aligned to the premise of my podcast which asks key questions about our drinking culture and takes a refreshingly open-minded look at how and why it is shifting. Each episode offers an opportunity for you to consider, possibly for the first time, what your views are and what this means to you.

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