Raising the bar without alcohol - with Laura Bartlett

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Living life through a clearer lens 

In the latest episode of The Big Drink Rethink podcast, I had the pleasure of sharing the microphone with the exuberant, Laura Bartlett, founder of House of Coco magazine. About 16 months ago, Laura made a life-altering decision to release alcohol from her life—a decision she carries with no regrets and with utter conviction. 

The ultimate bounce-back

Laura joined us to share not only how she started her impressive magazine after bouncing back from bankruptcy, but also how she pivoted from a professional and social life that revolved around drinking, to becoming an awakened version of herself. 

Personal freedom and living without labels

One theme Laura stressed was the significance of personal freedom. For Laura, being sober is not just a lifestyle choice—it’s a symbol of liberation. Shedding labels, she argues, is fundamental to embarking on an unapologetic pursuit of the truest expression of oneself.

The spirit of sobriety

The glorification of alcohol, as Laura reveals, can have a deeply negative impact on our spirit and inner voice. With society often nudging us toward a celebratory drink, it's no small feat to decide to swim against this narrative. Yet, it was in this resistance that Laura found her true spirit—a voice emboldened by clarity and undiluted resolve.

The importance of commitment

Throughout our discussion, the principle of commitment—be it in sobriety,  entrepreneurship or life in general—stood bright as Laura’s ‘North Star’. Referring to Dan Sullivan's model, we delved into how commitment leads to courage, capability, and confidence. I resonated with this sentiment, having found that cutting alcohol from my life has not only enriched my self-trust but also heightened my ambitions.

The confidence conundrum

"You don't have to be confident to start, but you have to start to be confident." This encapsulates one of the episode's standout messages. Laura and I ventured into a conversation about the backward nature of waiting for confidence to initiate change. Instead, we decided, one ought to leap into new experiences, letting confidence build along the journey.

Healthy routines

A routine to start and end the day with purpose, can set the tone for living one’s values. Laura highlighted her methods to connect with her “high self,” from nightly digital detoxes to morning journaling. The discipline she advocates for is not constricting, but liberating. She creates a structure where she can nurture her personal growth.

Taking the leap

For anyone on the brink of rethinking their drinking, Laura's advice was to listen to your initial intuition. Her proof lies in her own success, mental clarity, improved well-being, and levels of self-awareness that serve her in every aspect of her life.

The paradox of alcohol

We didn't shy away from discussing the irony of our former belief that alcohol brought out our best selves. Laura's story is proof positive that sobriety, in fact, unravels the authentic confidence we seek. It takes courage to step away from a norm that doesn’t serve you, and even more so to change your narrative around it.

Learning from life’s lessons:

We discussed the transformative power of reframing failure as a learning experience. By changing our internal narratives, we can embrace the growth mindset that every challenge is a stepping stone to success. Laura's heartfelt understanding of this concept was evident as she recounted her father's passing, a moment that revealed to her the essence of her own strength and the significance of spreading unconditional love.

Laura’s choices, deeply rooted in conscious action and introspection, have set her on a path that many of us aspire to tread. I hope that our episode ignites a spark for you to consider rewriting your relationship with alcohol. 

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