Exploring Alcohol & Family: The power of story-telling

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Challenging norms; sparking conversations

Helen Jeffery is not your ordinary writer, performer, director, or creative facilitator. She's a provocateur, challenging societal norms and sparking vital conversations through her art. In her latest endeavour, the play "Buckled," Jeffery delves into the complexities of sobriety in a world where alcohol often reigns supreme. And I had the pleasure of welcoming her onto The Big Drink Rethink, to continue to explore key themes.

Diving into Buckled

"Buckled" follows the journeys of three characters grappling with their relationships to alcohol against the backdrop of an impending wedding. Through their stories, Helen prompts audiences to question the pervasive role of alcohol in social interactions and challenges the stigma surrounding sobriety. Rather than preaching, the play serves as a catalyst for reflection, urging viewers to examine their own habits and attitudes towards drinking.

A thought-provoking journey

One of the key takeaways from "Buckled" is the importance of approaching sobriety with self-compassion and kindness.  We discussed that success in navigating sobriety hinges on personal growth and emotional well-being. Moreover, the play sheds light on the challenges of navigating social situations without alcohol and underscores the significance of supportive relationships in this journey.

Embracing compassion

But "Buckled" is more than just a theatrical production—it's a platform for empathy and understanding. By highlighting the struggles of those grappling with alcohol addiction, the play fosters a deeper connection between audience members and those facing similar challenges.

Taking 'Buckled' on the road

Currently, "Buckled" is captivating audiences at the Up Next Festival in Liverpool. However, its impact won't be confined to the stage. Plans are underway to make the play accessible through streaming options, ensuring that its message reaches a broader audience. Additionally, there's talk of taking "Buckled" on a national tour, further expanding its reach and fostering dialogue on alcohol addiction across the country.

Conclusion: The power to transform

In summary, "Buckled" exemplifies the power of art to provoke thought and challenge societal norms. Through its nuanced portrayal of sobriety, the play encourages viewers to rethink their relationship with alcohol and embrace compassion in their journey towards personal growth. As Jeffery continues to push boundaries with her work, "Buckled" stands as a testament to the transformative potential of storytelling.

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