Alcohol-Free Peace: Self-love, ADHD & Perimenopause

adhd alcohol perimenopause sam williams self-acceptance self-discovery self-love sobriety May 25, 2024

Hello everyone, I had the chance to talk to the wonderfully inspiring Sam Williams on The Big Drink Rethink podcast this week, Sam is a Certified Specialist ADHD Coach and Menopause Coach and I want to share our conversation around her personal journey of self-discovery and transformation after she decided to give up alcohol. This decision was a pivotal moment in her life, leading to profound changes and a deeper understanding of herself.

Lockdown drinking habits

During the lockdown, alcohol became a significant part of Sam's life. It served as a social activity, a way to feel connected with others despite the isolation. More importantly, it helped quiet her mind, providing a temporary escape from the relentless thoughts and worries that often accompanied her (undiagnosed) ADHD.

The decision to stop drinking

The turning point came for Sam when she realised that she needed to know who she was without alcohol. She wanted to set a positive example for her children and explore her authentic self. This decision marked the beginning of a transformative journey that reshaped her life in unexpected ways.

Building a strong relationship with herself

Through self-reflection and forgiveness practices, Sam started to develop a strong relationship with herself. This newfound self-awareness and self-compassion became the foundation for the significant changes she was about to undergo. Embracing sobriety allowed her to face her inner struggles head-on and grow as a person.

Connecting the dots: ADHD and Perimenopause

A pivotal moment in her journey was acknowledging her ADHD and recognising the connection between that and her perimenopause symptoms. This revelation prompted her to dive deep into research, seeking to understand her body and mind better. The insights she gained were invaluable in managing her  symptoms and improving my overall well-being.

Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism

Reflecting on her past, Sam understood that alcohol had been a coping mechanism. It helped her quiet her mind and mask the challenges she faced due to ADHD. However, this temporary relief came at a significant cost, especially in terms of her hormonal balance.

The impact of alcohol on hormonal balance

Alcohol exacerbated Sam's perimenopause symptoms, intensifying the hormonal imbalances she was already experiencing. Understanding this impact was crucial for her to implement better self-care practices and improve her health.

Discovering self-acceptance and self-love

Through her journey of sobriety, Sam discovered the power of self-acceptance and self-love. By listening to her body and embracing her true self, she found a deeper sense of peace and alignment. This journey underscored the importance of awareness and emotional literacy. 

The importance of community support

Navigating ADHD and finding alignment with one's true self can be challenging, but community support is essential. Sharing experiences and gaining insights from others provided the strength and encouragement Sam needed to stay on this path.

Conclusion: The power of sobriety

Giving up alcohol can be a catalyst for self-discovery and personal growth. Developing a strong relationship with oneself is crucial for navigating change and maintaining personal boundaries. Understanding the connection between ADHD and perimenopause can offer valuable insights into symptoms and coping strategies. Through research and self-awareness, we can achieve better self-care practices and embrace our authentic selves. Sobriety, awareness, understanding, and community support are essential in this transformative journey.

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