Coming soon - The Big Drink Rethink Podcast

I am so excited to be here and introducing a new series called the Big Drink Rethink hosted by me, Anna Donaghey. It's a refreshingly open-minded look at how the drinking culture in the UK is changing and why. It's a fantastic chance for you to ponder maybe for the very first time your own thoughts on this boozy business and what it means in your world.

Throughout the series, I'm going to be schmoozing with some of the fascinating folk right at the heart of this cultural shift. We'll be finding out what makes them tick and exploring the sober curious perspective from every conceivable angle. We'll be venturing into the dynamics of peer pressure, chatting about the future of the beloved British pub and tapping into the next generation to discover what our kids think about alcohol and what's influencing their young impressionable minds.

This is not a sobriety podcast, it's about taking a swig from all angles and making the positive, active choices that suit you. Drawing from my own roller coaster journey through addiction and sporting my alcohol mindset coach's cap. I'll also be sharing plenty of knowledge, insights, tools, and tactics to help you walk the path you choose.

I cannot wait. It's coming very soon, and I hope you tune in and get onboard with The Big Drink Rethink. So remember to click follow and subscribe to get the first episode when it drops.