Knowledge is Power 

The greatest knowledge is that of yourself and the greatest power is knowing that you are enough

With science-backed insight and information, we'll explore the cultural and emotional conditioning that drive your behaviours. This knowledge creates a mindful approach, putting you in control and in charge. A genuine desire to change, coupled with incredible insight and self-awareness, creates space for a powerful, lasting transformation.

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My 'Alcohol Deep-dive' follows these principles to create lasting change


Awareness of your current alcohol beliefs

An understanding of why you drink and the needs you're trying to address  

Scientific insight into how your mind works

Knowledge of how alcohol affects you physically and mentally  


A vision is set for the way you want life to be  

A personal transformation action plan insures momentum and progress

A 30 day alcohol-free 'experiment' helps unravel the beliefs that don't serve you

Personal insight and daily achievement create the positivity required for success 


Alcohol loses its power as you make it small and insignificant

You direct your new energy and focus into creating the life you want

Ongoing strategies and tactics help make it a reality 

Through methodical research and the latest neuroscience, The Naked Mind's approach cracks the code on habit change by addressing the specific ways habits form. Founded by Annie Grace, this unique and unprecedented method has now helped thousands redefine their relationship with alcohol. Including me. I am qualifying as a TNMI coach to pay it forward and help others.