Hi, I'm Anna 

As a Business & Brand Strategist, I’ve over 25 years’ of award-winning experience helping entrepreneurs (just like you!) build their brands successfully and profitably.

I do this by helping them create the fundamental principles on which their business is founded. WHY they set it up, WHAT they hope to acheive and HOW they're going to set about doing it.

I call them ‘Organising Thoughts’; the thing you do before you do anything else, because only with a clear sense of where you want to get to, can the right plan and route emerge. Only with clear goals, can you spend wisely. And the best way to navigate the overwhelm of options, is to stick resolutely to a defined path.

‘The Coaches Compass’ Workshop is a culmination my career-long experience AND my passion to make sure we nail it as an army of TNMI Coaches; each of us creating a business that fires us up, motivates us over the long-term and keeps us in the game to make the greatest impact we can on the world.



The key organising thoughts I'll help you create:



Your reason for being, beyond making money, and the basis for deep emotional connection.


What agenda you have. What you want to challenge and what you want to change.  


The future that you are working towards. Where you want to be in 2-3 years time.


YOUR story, told in a way that will engage, inspire and forge relationships.  


The handful of guiding principles that shape every aspect of your business.


A vivid picture of your target audience(s), complete with insight to drive connection.


The messages that will hook your audience(s) into listening and engaging.


What you need to be doing in the short and medium term to achieve your vision.  

You'll receive a bespoke Compass
for your coaching business

A PDF containing all of the above pieces of content.
An enduring reference and guide. 

The Coaches Compass is for you if:

  • You’re newly certified and want a great launchpad for your business.

  • Your head is full of possibilities, but you’re not sure of the priorities.

  • Your business is up and running but you’re finding it hard to get momentum.

  • You didn’t know it would be this hard and are struggling to stay motivated.

  • You didn’t realise this part of the Business Building Manual was so important.

  • Words aren’t ‘your thing’ and you’d like some help articulating your thoughts.
  • You’re looking to pivot and explore new offers and new audiences.

  • You just need a reminder of why you wanted to be a Coach in the first place.


How this wonderful co-creation works:

  • You receive a Coaches Compass Workbook, that walks you through a bunch of tools and tactics to prepare for the workshop.
  • In the 2 hour workshop itself, I will guide us through a discussion designed to explore and unearth all the ingredients that will form the basis of your organising thoughts.
  • After the workshop I go away and create your bespoke Brand Compass.
  • We reconvene for another zoom session to discuss and finalise the final version.
  • You breathe a sigh of relief for a landscape that now looks much more organised and easier to navigate.

Praise for what I do

Gemma B

"In my 12+ years in advertising, much of my career has been spent working underneath and alongside Anna as a brand strategist. I can honestly say that the coaching, guidance and experience I have gained from Anna over that time has had an infinite impact on my progression. She has without doubt squeezed the potential out of me whilst making me believe in myself, what I can achieve and the difference I can make.

Incredibly considered and a master of words, Anna has the innate ability to make the complex simple. Her aptitude to get to the very heart of the problem that needs solving and find new and exciting ways to overcome challenges is unique.

However, it is Anna’s natural coaching ability and personal, passionate nature that has really had the biggest impact on me personally. Anna is enormously inspiring, motivating, and supportive (though, take it from me, she’s also not afraid to give a good ass-kicking where needed too!)

If I had to focus on one thing that Anna has taught me, it is that for any business and brand, the fundamentals are paramount. Often overlooked, but extremely powerful. Finding that unique golden thread for your business, or service, is an exciting, enlightening and incredibly valuable journey, and I couldn’t recommend anybody better to support you along the way".